The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies

Volume 1 November 1977


Editorial Statement   1
The Framework of Belief
in D.G. Rossetti’s Tales of Damnation
Jill Rubenstein 2
William Morris’s Love Is Enough: A Parabolic Mortality John R. Wilson 16
William Holman Hunt and the Missionaries George P. Landow 27
The Kings of the Cats: Eliot and Yeats Joanne Seltzer 34
D.G. Rossetti’s “Five English
Poets”: Another Side of the Anti-Lyric
John K. Crabbe 53
Two Poems Jay Rogoff 47
Morris’s “Haystack”: The Fate of Vision James Hazen 49
Swinburne and the Plastic
Arts in Poems and Ballads 1 (1866)
Douglas C. Frick 57
D.G Rossetti: A New Light through Flat Surfaces Eugene A. Bier 80
Shaw’s Pre-Raphaelite Play Raymond S. Nelson 89
Morris’s “Childe Roland”:
The Deformed Note Quite Transformed
Frederick Kirchhoff 95
“Willowwood,” Unity,
and The House of Life
Paul Jarvis
and Robert Rosenberg
John Ruskin: The Argument of the Eye
by Robert Hewison; D.G. Rossetti and
Jane Morris: Their Correspondence
by John Bryson with Janet Camp Troxell;
Francis Danby: Varieties of Poetic Landscape
by Eric Adams; Pre-Raphaelitism: A Collection
of Critical Essays
 edited by James Sandbrook
Francis Golffing 121