Welcome to the Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies!

Founded in 1977 by Francis Golffing, The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies publishes semi-annually in the Spring and Fall studies of Pre-Raphaelite, Aesthetic, and Decadent art, culture, and literature of the nineteenth century. The leading journal in the field of interdisciplinary studies, it is edited by David Latham at York University and refereed by an Editorial Advisory Board of international scholars.

“Before Pre-Raphaelitism could emerge as an independent subject it had first to find a forum, and it is for this reason that I would choose the foundation of The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies as probably the most important single event in Pre-Raphaelite scholarship during the last twenty years. In an era of academic fragmentation, when writers as major as Blake and as trivial as Don Marquis have their own newsletters, there was no organ specifically designed to promulgate and stimulate research on the Pre-Raphaelites until 1977. The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies [has] done more to promote a greater awareness of the movement than any single publication, while at the same time fulfilling the mandate of the specialized journal to assist in shaping the course of research in the field” (W.E. Fredeman, 1988).

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