The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies

Volume 1 May 1978


Art and Society in the
Late Prose Narratives of William Morris
Nancy Jane Tyson 1
An American’s Visit to Burne-Jones Mark Samuels-Lasner 12
W.M. Rossetti and the Editing
of Christina Rossetti’s Religious Poetry
David Kent 18
Pater, Morris, and “Aesthetic Poetry” Earl F. Bargainnier 27
A Pre-Raphaelite Dispute:
“Rosabell,” “Jenny,” and Other Fallen Women
James W. Christie 40
Adam Cast Forth: The First
Sentence of Doughtry’s Arabia Deserta
Stephen E. Tabachnick 49
Thomas Woolner, Pre-Raphaelite
Prospector: A Record of His Early Phase
John F. Cox 64
The Muse and the Lexicon: A Note on Swinburne’s “Herse” Stephen C. Dittman 76
William Morris’s Sigurd the Volsung,
and the Pre-Raphaelite Visual Aesthetic
Stephen Sossaman 81
Tennyson and Pre-Raphaelitism: Symbolism and Point
of View in “Mariana” and “The Awakening Conscience”
Michael C. Kotzin 91
Lizzie (Poem) Susan Solomont 102
Memory and Character in
William Morris’s “The Judgement of God”
Ernest L. Fontana 104
Note on Burne-Jones’ Copy
of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
Mark Samuels-Lasner 110
The Rossetti’s at Texas Lucien L. Agosta 111
Lord Leighton by Leonee and Richard Ormond Barbara Golffing 113