The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies

Volume 2 November 1978


Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Jude the Obscure L.M. Findlay 1
The Sleeping Woman: A Victorian Fantasy Adeline R. Tintner 12
A reading of Christina Rossetti’s “Three Stages” Eve Walsh 27
Ruskin, the, PRB and the Daisy’s Shadow Jack T. Harris 36
Hopkins, Yeats, Eliot: The Pre-Raphaelite Heritage Nathan Cervo 45
Rossetti’s “Astarte Syriaca”: A Neglected Sonnet Christopher S. Nassaar 63
Sources of Art Nouveau by S.T. Madsen Adeline R. Tintner 66
Notes on Millais’ Use of Subjects from the Opera, 1851-54
Malcolm Warner
Millais, The Blind Girl, and the Liverpool Academy
Edwin C. Epps, Jr.
The Pre-Raphaelite Imagination by John Dixon Hunt
Adeline R. Tintner
Ruskin’s Brantwood Diary edited by Helen Gall Viljoen;
Dante Gabriel Rossetti by John Nichol; Victorian 
Panorama: Paintings of Victorian Life
 by Christopher Wood
Francis Golffing
Swinburne Replies edited by Clyde K. Hyder
Nathan Cervo
Notes on Contributors   97